A True Friend
( Kelly W. )

Jordan was how should I put this? A DORK! No one liked her. She had one best friend... Raven. Raven was always there for her. Once, Mackenzie Stevens came up to her. Jordan was feeling weak at the knees because Mackenzie was the most popular. She could get ayone to do anything! "Hey Jordan!", she said. "Uhh... hey uhh... Mackenzie...", Jordan said nervously. "You wanna go to the mall with me and Magda?", she asked, "Sure...", Jordan said. Jordan didn't know why Mackenzie was being so nice to her. She was always mean. Jordan came LATE when she got home from the mall. She was happy Mackenzie finally liked her. The next day she was very popular. But she was ignoring Raven. Raven didn't care. She knew they were best friends forever. At lunch, Jordan was heading toward Mackenzie when she heard her say, "I hate that jordan! Shes just so stupid!!!" Jordan bursted into tears. She dropped her tray and ran to the bathroom. Raven ran after her. "Jordan, it's ok. Mackenzie is just a stuck up snob.", Raven said. Right when Jordan heard Raven say that, her world suddenly stopped. "Now, I know who my true friends are...", she muttered. Suddenly she hugged Raven. From then on Raven and Jordan were best friends.

The End