Buttered Toast
( Alyssa C.: Age 12 )

It was a hot day. Ithma went to the restaurant to get something to eat, (she was starving). Ithma sat down.. Five minutes went by. The waiter came by and said, "Hi I'm Kelly and i'll be you waiter. What can i get you?" Ithma replied, "How about milk and buttered toast?" "Oh sorry we are out of buttered toast." said Kelly. "Oh... Well then can I have hot chocolate and buttered toast?" begged Ithma. Kelly, (getting a little anoyyed) replied, "Maybe you didn't here me. We are out of buttered toast." "Oh darn! Well how about apple juice and a buttered toast?" Kelly got so mad she shouted, "WE ARE OUT OF BUTTERED TOAST!" "Then can I just have buttered toast?" "UGH," sighed Kelly.

The End