Unwanted Ellie


( Aysel: Age 11 )
( Moscow, Russia )

One day there lived a girl. Her name was Elisabeth, but everyone called her Ellie. Ellie lived in a little cottage near England. She didn't have a mother and lived with her father and grandmother. When Ellie was only 5 months old her mother got a very high fever and died because of some kind of sickness. After the death of her mother, Ellie was raised by her grandmother. Her grandmother's name was Grandma Josephina. Sadly, Ellie did not have a brother or a sister. She was the only child her mother ever had.
Ellie was 7 years old when he overheard her father talking to her grandmother about marrying again. Even though the grandma was against it, her father still married.
The next day her father came in with another woman. She was tall and looked pretty. She had long blonde hair that shined and had beautiful green eyes. Her father introduced her to Ellie first. He said, "Darling, this is Ellie, my daughter from my first wife."
Ellie, even though she didn't want to, still said, "Hello. It's a pleasure to meet you." Her father then introduced Stephanie by saying, "Ellie this is your new mother. Her name is Stephanie."
After those words Ellie felt like screaming! She couldn't hold herself any more. She wanted to scream out loud that that wasn't her mother. She already had one, and how dare he betray her.
Ellie's eyes suddenly filled up with tears, but she held it. She loved her father very much and didn't want to upset him, so she just said, "I need to go to the bathroom."
She ran upstairs into the bathroom, and there she quietly started crying. Even though Ellie didn't really know her mother, inside she felt as if she saw her and as if her mother was living inside her, but those were only dreams. Almost everyday she would dream about seeing her mother and of going to heaven and meeting with her, but that always ended when she woke up.
Soon her father married Stephanie, and she moved into their house. Ellie realized that Stephanie wasn't a bad person. She actually was very nice, but she could have never called her mother.
Three months after their marriage Stephanie got pregnant and was expecting to have a baby boy. Ellie's father was very happy, but not her grandmother. Her grandma said, "I am not taking care of another baby!" but they didn't need any help. Stephanie didn't work and stayed home to take care of Ellie and her new son that was soon going to be born.
That day came. It was September 9, 2005 that the baby was born. When Stephanie brought the baby brother home, Ellie looked at it and was actually happy that she finally had someone younger to take care of. Sadly Stephanie didn't let Ellie take care of the baby or even pick it up. She said, "You're way too young to take care of a baby. Now go to your room to do your homework." That is how Ellie started hating her stepmother more and more.
The only person Ellie could talk to was her grandma, but 1 year after that, her grandma got very ill. They called the doctors. The doctors said that her grandma had cancer and only had 12 more days to live! The news shocked Ellie. She broke up crying. She ran up to the doctor and asked him lots of times if he was sure and if there was a way to cure her poor old nice grandma, but the doctor said that sadly there was no way.
The whole week Ellie was crying, wondering what would happen and hoping that a miracle would happen. Sometimes she even hoped that this was all a dream. At night she would think, "What have I done that God has punished me and now I have to suffer?" She sat the whole night trying to remember what she had done wrong. In the end she came up with only one thing. When she was 2 she ate someone's chocolate, but she couldn't have gotten punished for that. She just gave up and moved into her grandma's room to stay with her until that day.
That day came. Before grandma Josephine's death, she called in Ellie's father and told him, "Please promise me that you will take good care of Ellie." Before hearing the answer, the poor grandma died. Ellie cried for a whole week and couldn't calm down.
Stephanie was soon pregnant again, expecting to have a baby girl. It was 2 months since the death of Ellie grandma. Her father called her into his room and said, "We don't have enough room for everyone, especially now that Stephanie is pregnant again, so we thought that the baby would sleep in your room and you would move into the old basement. We will buy you a bed, and you can live there, so start packing."
Ellie was now 7. She understood why he said that. He actually meant that he doesn't need her anymore. Ellie packed her stuff and moved to the tiny basement. She was now alone.
Her life got really hard after the day her grandma died. She was already 11 years old and wasn't allowed to go anywhere, while Stephanie's younger kids got to do everything. Ellie was supposed to be in her room all the time, except when she was going to school or for lunch and dinner. Ellie got to eat her food after Stephanie and her kids did. She had to live like a slave when she actually lived with her father. She was not allowed to call or invite her friends over. She never got to use the computer or get any pocket money. Because of this hard life, she couldn't wait to grow up.
The toughest time was when Ellie was turning 13. Of course as usual, no one remembered her birthday. She was going to 8th grade and already had a crush on one boy. Her school had a special social for 8th graders after school. She couldn't wait until the social.
It was the socials day. Ellie got dressed and was about to leave when she met Stephanie. Stephanie asked her, "Where are you going? It's not your lunchtime yet. You are supposed to be in your room! Where were you going?!"
Ellie calmly answered, "Our school is having a dance today. That is where I am going. It's till 10:00 PM. If no one can pick me up, I will just come back on the metro or by myself."
Stephanie gave a very mean and stern look at Ellie and said, "Too bad, but I am ruining your plans! You aren't going any where!"
Ellie felt like crying but she was brave and said, "Why not?" Stephanie replied, "Because I am not letting you go to some kind of stupid dance at this time." "It's not stupid, and you're talking like you care about me. If I would have died, you wouldn't have even realized!" said Ellie. "That is just what you think, but it's wrong! I would have realized! Now go to your room and stay there till dinnertime! I am going to tell everything to your father! You are going to get into serious trouble! You don't look a bit like your dad. You shouldn't even be here. Your father loves you, that's why he doesn't send you away. I wish he would, because you are useless. Just look at my kids. They are wonderful. At least try and be a bit like them!" said Stephanie.
Ellie got really upset with the words that Stephanie had said. She burst into tears and ran into her room. Her whole day was ruined, and she didn't get to go to the school dance. She wished that her mother or grandmother were alive so that they wouldn't allow that mean Stephanie to scream at her like that. The thing that Ellie didn't understand was why she had screamed at her like that. What had Ellie done? She just wanted to go to a dance. She wished that everything would change so that her mother and grandmother would still be alive and that her father would love her very much and call her his little princess. She wanted it all to change. She didn't understand what she had done wrong in her life that made all of this a nightmare come true.
That is how the rest of her life went until finally one day when she was 16 years old. She moved to New York and went to a university where she was really happy. She found the man of her dreams and married him. They had a family with 3 kids. So after everything, in the end, her life went as good as other peoples did that had a normal childhood.
Now when she tells her children about her childhood they get really scared. They say that they couldn't have lived that life. She was a very good mother in the end, because she never let anything like what happened in her childhood happen to her children.

The End