The Rose Petal
( Emily: Age ? )

Nina was a spoiled girl, 9 years of age. Her parents were rich. She would brag to everyone about how rich she was and how much everyone should suffer for her. Every day she rode to school with her butler in their limo. I on the other hand, walked to school and didn't eat French foods on the way there. Nina always had her nose stuck up in the air like a pig. She wore Mary Jane's and played with antique dolls in her huge room. She always had a single rose petal attached to her necklace. No one knows why. She smelled it ever so often and then placed it gently back down on her chest.
One day I was walking to school and heard a loud screech. I looked down at my foot, because I felt something land on it. I picked it up. It was a rose petal.

The End