The Day My Heart Stopped
( A True Story )
( Bryce: Age ? )

One day when I was at field day for my school I was running sack races. I got really bored so I went to the water section. We sprayed each other with water then it got boring. My friend said he would run a partner race with me so I said sure.

I started the race and when we got to the first stop my friend fell so I had to take the flag back. I ran as hard as I could; then when I didnít win I slowly sat on the ground and went to sleep. My heart stopped and I had CPR done to me by my dad. The ambulance came and said I was dehydrated.

I went to the hospital and stayed over night. I got let out because I had PVC. The next month I went to the doctors for a follow up. The doctor said, "Thatís weird your heart is beating regular now." I had to do another heart test and guess what, my irregular heartbeat (PVC) was only a virus! I was so glad I canít put it into words!

The End