My Beijing Olympic Travel
( Tristan: Age 9 )

I went to Beijing on July 04, 2008. I got there and I first started cleaning the house. Then I started learning Mandarin for a month. After that I went to see the Olympics. August 08, 2008 was my first Olympic travel.

I was watching tennis in the Beijing Olympics Green tennis court. On August 12, 2008, I watched the second Olympics game. It was about swimming. It took place in the National Aquatics Center.

I also helped a lot of people. I helped French people find their way to a place called Beijing Blue Zoo. It felt great to help. I wanted to help other people, so I did. I helped people when they asked me too. Some asked me to tell them how to go to the National Beijing Zoo. Some asked how to get to subway stations, bus stations and train stations. I like to help people from abroad because they donít know that countryís language. I know English, Chinese and Mandarin, so I can communicate with them if they need help. I enjoy helping. This is a good summer in my life with the Beijing Olympics taking place. When I came back to Canada I gave a lot of presents to my friends, mom and dad. I bring my enjoyable travel to them.

It was the best Olympic experience in my entire life.

The End