The Best Field Trip Ever
( Jewel: Age ? )

The best field trip ever would have to be when my 7th grade class went to see a Legends baseball game. It wasnít the game that made it the best; it was just because I had fun with all my friends and teachers. It rained that day and so we all had to wait for the rain to stop before starting the game. As time passed we were able to go buy items and we listened to music to help the time pass. They even had people who worked at the park to come down and dance. The people in the stands were able to dance as well. Me and my friends all danced to the hokey pokey and the chicken dance. Then the game began. We didnít get to watch most of it because we had to go back to school at a certain time. As we got on the bus to go back to school we were all exhausted. The bus turned a sharp corner and me and my friend flew out of the seat and on to the floor; and finally we were at school. This is one field trip me and my classmates will never forget, but now I'm in 8th grade and I bet there will be more field trips that will never be forgotten.

The End