The House
( Shelbie: Age 11 )

One day Jerry went home to his family. His dad said, "We are moving. We can't afford this house anymore." Jerry said, "No no! We can't move!" "I am sorry." dad said, "Go pack your things and we will go." "Ok," said Jerry. So they left and moved. They got unpacked, and Jerry lay down and went to sleep. He woke up because he heard something. He followed the noise. He saw nothing. He figured it was a ghost. He got very scared and ran to his room and hid under the covers. He finally went to sleep. The next morning, while eating breakfast, he saw something, but he didn't know what it was, so he told his dad, but his dad didn't believe him. That night Jerry saw the thing again, and this time he saw it more, but it was a greenish color. He got very scared and ran to his dad. He said, "Come look look!" "Ok ok Jerry, I don't see anything. You got to stop making up stuff." "I'm not making up anything!" said Jerry. "Ever since we moved here you have been making up stuff!" said Jerry's dad. Jerry ran off to his room and locked his door and started to cry. He heard the noise again, then it went through the door and said, "Hi Jerry..." Jerry screamed and his dad came running in and the green thing disappeared. Jerry kept crying. His dad said, "What's the matter? What is it?" Jerry said, "A green thing was in my room and it went through my door!" His dad said, "That is impossible!" ...until he saw it himself that night. He yelled, "Jerry get out of the house!" Jerry ran but the door wouldn't open, so he tried the back door. It wouldn't open either, so he tried all the windows. They were trapped. In the mean time his dad was yelling and trying to find a way out. The thing couldn't find Jerry because he was hiding in the secret room underneath the rug, but when Jerry ran into his dads room the green thing said, "Jerry, so we meet again..." "A, a, a, a, a, ahhhh!!!"

The End