The Shadow
( ~*Mariža*~: Age ? )

Every day my neighbor and I would go to our 'forest' and hang out, climb trees and tell jokes. It was a creepy place to be alone, and definitely could of had criminals hiding and drugs going on, but we didn't mind. We put all that aside and made it a good place. We never saw the homeless person that lived there, any criminals or anything other than lizards and frogs and happy nature living. We knew we were risking the trust of our parents, but we didn't care. One day we were in there at sundown, Ryan A. J. Marcus and me. We were back towards our rooms and we heard noises. We thought we were going crazy, but we heard them again. The looks on our faces got serious and the beat of our hearts slowed as the sound of its pounding grew. The sounds were unexplainable. They were so unreal. It was as if the sounds weren't able to be sounds. The noises seemed impossible. We didn't even hear them, but we definitely heard them right by our side going at 100 miles per hour as it rushed by us but stayed there. We had no clue, but then we saw the shadow. It didn't belong to anything. It was just there lying on the ground like a human, but there wasn't one...

The End