True Friends
( Shady Lane: Age ? )

On August 31, 2004 I started at Mountview Middle School. I had started junior high this year. I didn't have a lot of friends so I basically floated around. It was like I was in a radioactive bubble. People sort of walked around me.
In track I met this girl, Taylor who had the same sweatshirt as me. It turned out she was random like me too. We laughed about random stuff and I soon realized she was on my bus. So of course I sat with her. That would mean sitting with her friends.
Erin, her best friend was getting pretty jealous of me because that whole group started paying more attention to me and soon I was more popular than her.
But, then I started sitting with them at lunch and hanging out with them on the weekends... Soon Erin was closer to me than I was to Taylor. I realized how dorky Taylor was and somehow or another Erin would start making those "looks" when Taylor said something stupid.
I decided to talk to Erin about her and she admitted that she was closer to me now then to Taylor. Taylor was a really nice girl and all. She was just immature. I felt embarassed to go in public with Taylor and I even blew off her birthday party. I felt extra bad when I made up excuses to go out with her to the mall or the movies and even more bad when she called me the best friend she ever had.
Then at Erin's birthday party Taylor stuck close to me and I was okay with that because I only really knew Erin and Taylor. I realized that I had been ditching Taylor because of her status and not because of her. What she was really like. It was great to know she would always be there.
I have become popular and now every knows me and I am friends with the most popular kids but no matter what I sit with my true friends, Erin and Taylor. In this case I had my cake and ate it too.

The End