The Lost Child
( Kelsie: Age ? )

Sarah, And Kara, Spiel lived in the town of Transylvania in the years of 1872 and longer. The house that they lived in was that of a count Named Count Dracula. Dracula told the girls not to go behind the locked doors or in anyroom other than their rooms. One Day... Sarah went to explore a part of the castle that was forbidden. Three guy vampires were standing around a table in the far corner of the room. When they saw Sarah they grabbed her and started to suck her blood. she let out a terrified scream. Kara heard her scream and wished Sarah would listen. Count Dracula told Kara about the death of her sister. Kara longed to escape the castle. Seeing Count Dracula run down the side of the castle she soon escaped. Kara was magic so she killed the Count.

The End