( Missy: Age 14 )

Missy Angel looked at her new puppy Buddy. He was a good-looking Pit Bull. Everyone thought that he was a bad dog. Buddy wasn't mean or aggressive like everyone took him to be. Missy loved that dog. She called to him. Buddy trotted over and fell over her. She laughed and said she'd always be there for him as long as he'd always be there for her.
Suddenly Missy heard a knock. It was old man Joe. She said hello and the man dodged in. "I got to get rid of that pit of yours! He ate all my livestock! Ripped them to shreds!" he said. "Stop it! Buddy isn't aggressive Joe!" Missy said. "He won't be once he's got a bullet in his head!" Joe said. He grabbed his pistol and shot at Buddy! The pit bull yelped and ran outside.
"Stop!" Missy yelled and jumped on his back! Joe knocked her off and ran for the dog! He shot again! This time Buddy fell into the grass. He closed his eyes and his breathing went slow. Missy ran to him and looked at him. The dog looked back up at her and yelped. He had been shot pretty good. It was right through the neck. Missy laid her head on his belly and waited for his breathing to stop. Once it did she began to cry and was angry at Joe.
He just had a smirk on his face like he was satisfied. She cried even harder as he went over and kicked Buddy saying, "Yep, he's dead." Missy grabbed the gun from his hands and shot his foot! Joe looked down at his foot and laughed. He yanked it off. "It's wood," he said, knocking it. Missy said, "Not everything is!" She shot him right in the stomach! Her mom had just pulled up and yelled her name. "An eye for an eye," She thought to herself. Missy began to be covered with guilt, then justice. She lay down by her dog and never let go.
To this day some say she's buried with him. Others say they're both bones, but nobody could love a dog like Missy did.

The End