Alone in the Dark
( Pandafreak )

It was a bitter cold winter night as a young single man of Glasglow, Scotland fell into a quiet slumber. The man blew out his candle by his large fluffy bed while getting himself ready... ready for it. "I am ready to die creaters of the night kill me NOW!!" He demanded. Suddenly he felt his spine tingle and his tired skin twich. The man felt something brush against his bare skin it was a cold hand. The room was spinning as he looked up to find in his horrer his dead wife all in black drapeing cloth, her rotten face came to his and everything went black. The man's sisters came in the room from hearing a bellow of pain, horror, and agony. And to their misfortune the two girls found their beloved brother dead ripped to shreads on his bed room floor... That's why you should never be alone in the dark.

The End