Dragon Ball Z Episodes
( Mikeyz2003 )

TVegeta Jr guesses that Goku can grant wishes also because he has the dragonballs inside of him. Vegeta Jr asks if he can bring back his Great Great grandfather Vegeta from the dead. Goku shruggs but he grants his whish. As soon as Vegeta comes back he races to meet his Great Great Grandson Vegeta Jr. Vegeta forces a thank you to Goku for letting him meet Vegeta Jr. Vegeta decides to spar with his relative. Vegeta Jr went to S.S.3. Vegeta was suprised and proud that Vegeta Jr could reach a level that even he could not reach. Vegeta went to S.S.4. Vegeta Jr shot a big bang attack. Vegeta shot a final flash attack. Their beams collided. They both used all their strength in their blasts. Vegeta beat Vegeta Jr just by a little bit. Vegeta punches and kicks Vegeta Jr. Vegeta Jr dodges most attacks but then Vegeta uppercutted Vegeta Jr and crashed him through a mountain. They power down. Goku and Goku Jr both applause them with their battle. Then our heroes sense a familiar evil power coming. Don't miss episode 4 Buu2 by MikeyZ.

Episode 4: Deep in the edge of the Universe... In a dark cave there is strong movement. Finally a creature's time has come to awaken. The cocoon brakes. A loud screech calls out Buu!!! I am free Buu, Buu and Buu and a Buu2. I am BUU2. Lets see. Buu2 memory say if Buu fails you will be awoken 110 years later to carry out Buu's mission. Ha! Buu2 head to planet earth. Meanwhile... "Vegeta do you sense that?". "Yes Goku". Could Buu really be back? I don't know. Just in case we should train. Our heroes go to the city to train in Capsule Corps graviton chamber. They train 200,000 times earth's normal gravity after intense training Goku gets to S.S.level5,Vegeta goes to level3 and 5. Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr gets to level 5.Then they take a week of rest. Hi! This is Goku it looks we have a new evil coming our way. But maybe with our new abilities we'll be able to take it down. There's only 1 way to find out. Checkout ep 5 Buu2's here next time on Dragonball TUT.

Episode 5: Buu2's Here by MikeyZ Last time on Dragonball TUT our heroes were preparing for the fight with this new evil. Today we find out how strong he really is.

"Kakkaroto." Yes. It's coming. Out of the sky a blue little weirdo with an object shaped like a banana on his head crash lands in the mountains. Uh oh! It seems the time has come to face this foe. It seems like a very familiar energy. It's just that it is much stronger than last time. Actually I'm Buu2! What!!! How'd you get here so fast and hear us. Buu2 no tell! Buu2! don't even know. It's the way I am. What power Kakkaroto! I know! I don't know if I'm strong enough. We should fuse. C'mon, Buu2 is getting bored with you too stupid heads. What did you say said Vegeta very annoyed. That's right. Stupid heads. Kakkaroto let's fuse. First lets go Super Saiyan Level 5. Then we fuse said Goku. Right! They both powered up with golden auras around them. Their hair turns silver and both Goku and Vegeta grow tails. Then they do an odd dance with the word Fusion-HA! The figure that appeared out of their fusion was S.S.5 Gogeta. Meanwhile... Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr watch this amazing fight from the sky. Is Gogeta putting up a good fight and what's this talk of quadruple fusion. Find out next time on the next exciting episode of Dragonball TUT. The next episode is ep 6:The birth of Quadruple Fusion. By MikeyZ.

Episode 6: The Birth Of Quadruple Fusion by MikeyZ

In the mountains... A huge fight between 2 powerful fighters begins. S.S.5 Gogeta's power is equal to Buu2's... for now. Gogeta throws 300 punches at Buu2 in 2 seconds. Gogeta could not tell if he hurt Buu2. He found out when Buu2 got angry and steam came out of him. Buu2 is going to get you said Buu2. Buu2 flies up and takes a piece of his stomach which he regenerates back and throws it at Gogeta. It wraps itself around him closing tight. Gogeta roars in rage and brakes through it. Gogeta comes with a combo of amne gastnava energy blast, then an Ultima Kamehameha, then he finishes it of with a Dragon fist. Buu2 is very bruised. Buu2 will destroy you!, said Buu2. Buu2's muscles bulge. He's transforming said Gogeta. Uh Oh said Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr. Gogeta disappears to a planet called The Home Of The Supreme Kai. Old Kai!!!, yelled Gogeta at the Old Kai's house. What is it! I was just reading some magazines. Oh hi. What do you need Gogeta? Can we borrow the Fusion Earrings. What for? Not enough time to explain the earth is in danger. Okay! Okay! Here. Thanks., said Gogeta. He teleported back to earth at the Capsule Corps building in Satan city. Trunks, can you try and make a change the earrings so they can fuse 4 people. Maybe in a day said Trunks. Gogeta shrugged. The ground shook. I have to get back to fighting Buu2. Gogeta teleports back to the battlefield. Gogeta tells Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr to fuse in to S.S.5 Gogeta Jr. We have to hold off Buu2 for a day. Then we'll explain what the plan is. The transformation of Buu2 was a very muscular version of his previous blue midget form. He's 20 x more powerful than before. The day passed quickly. Gogeta picked up the advanced fusion earrings and Goggeta was born. It has 2 g's in the name that's why it's different.

Episode 7: Goggeta is invincible also origin of Sion special movie by Mikeyz2003

"Listen Buu2." "Lets just give it all we got from the start." Goggeta said in his dual voice. Immediately the 2 super powers clashed in probably the biggest fight that ever took place in the entire universe. They were fighting 20 x faster then the speed of light. Goggeta did a combo of 3 round house kicks, teleportation, and a kamehameha wave. When the smoke cleared Buu2's body was very bruised and cut in half. Then Buu2 starts laughing like a maniac and connects himself together. Then a figure comes out of the sky.

10 years ago... An 11-year-old orphan boy named Sion wakes up one Saturday morning to get ready for Karate school. For years he has trained under master Yamzanikolik (Yam for short and secretly he was the Z fighter Tien.) as his prize pupil. Sion even has a black-belt. Sion thought today would be a normal day of 6 hrs of training, but this was the day his life started to change... forever. Today master Yam was going to teach him what he could teach none of his other students. Today he was going to learn how to turn ki into energy. Normally Yam doesn't teach on weekends, but he made an exception for Sion. Such potential Sion had. As soon as Sion came Yam was there waiting. Today I'm going to teach you something you've probably never heard of said Yam. Today you are going to learn how to turn Ki into energy. Ki into energy? Asked Sion. Yes said Yam. Listen and watch closely boy. First I'm going to teach you to make a simple ball of energy in the palm of your hand. Concentrate your energy in your hands without stressing your muscles just relax. Suddenly a small ball of energy appeared in Yam's hand. Now you try said Yam. Sion did as told and succeeded in making energy bigger than Yam's. Pretty good for your first try Yam said. Then Yam told him to fire it at him. Sion did. Then Tien shot a beam out of his hands and both blasts destroyed each other on impact. Nice Yam said. Now it's going to be a little harder. Now I'm going to teach you how to fly. Sit on the ground. Sion did as told. Now concentrate your ki in your stomach. without stressing your muscles. Sion succeeded on his first try again. I guess I'm pretty good for a newbie on Using ki. Yes you are my best student Sion son. Sion felt such pride in being called that. This was the happiest moment in Sion's life. As a matter a fact while thinking how good this was out of all his miserable time spent at the orphanage a tear came from his eye. It was such a happy moment hearing this from his father figure. Then he screamed. A golden aura spread over his body. Then he grew a tail. Next his shirt ripped off and he grew red fur on his stomach. Now Yam discovered why he was so powerful and skillful in fighting. It was because he was a saiyan. Sion?! Yes master? Did you know that you're a saiyan? What's a saiyan? I guess not. Sion you are from a warrior alien race called Saiyans. They love to fight and have lots of pride. Look Sion. Now that you've become stronger than me I can no longer teach you Karate. But I can tell you that my real name is Tien and to train and train. danger must be in store for the future of earth if fate would bring you here. When you sense an evil power and a good power that might match yours go to were the powers are. i can guarantee one of them will be a close friend of mine named Goku son and the other is a threat. Train until the day comes. When it does tell them you knew me. Tell them you knew Tien and he's still alive. Now go. Sion had trained for 10 long years. Then he sensed the power it was time. Don't miss episode 8: My Name is Sion next time on DragonballTUT.

Episode 8: My name is Sion the first Super Saiyan 6(preview)

The figure that appeared in the sky was transforming to form of Supersaiyan which Goggeta had never seen before. It had platinum hair and it was longer than S.S. 5's. Goggeta said It couldn't be that theirs another saiyan!!! But there was. That saiyan gathered enough energy into a blast and took care of Buu2.

Last time on Dragonball TUT we saw a little of what Goggeta was doing and found out that Tien became a martial arts trainer and he trained a soon to be legendary warrior saiyan named Sion. Today we see what happens next on DragonballTUT.

Episode 8: My Name Is Sion The First Super Saiyan 6.

The figure in the sky was transforming to a form of Super Saiyan which Goggeta had never seen before. This influx of energy in the being was like no other being or so thought. For Goku secretly could reach the form himself. It had platinum hair and he had more hair than S.S. 5's. His eyebrows were missing. He had a platinum tail, and chest along with torso. "It couldn't be another saiyan", said Goggeta. But it was. With an enormous surge of energy the new saiyan powered up, concentrated his energy, and blew up BUU2 into the next dimension just by using his mind. The new warrior introduced himself as Sion and how he knew Tien and that he's still alive and well. Meanwhile... In capsule corp. We just fused into Gotenks for nothing cause somebody already saved the day and now i have to wait for 30 min for the fusion to end. Stop complaining said the old voice of Bulma. Sorry mom. Now back to the former battlefield. So your saying that you didn't even know you were Saiyan until the age of 11!? Yes sion said to Goku for Vegeta nad Goku unfused. Hmf said Vegeta. This cant be possible planet Vegeta was destroyed 130 yrs ago. Unless... Maybe Vegeta thought you were sent to earth from the next planet Vegeta. While in the other world Vegeta could see many things happening in the galaxy. Somehow Brolly's father survived even after thought to be killed. He tried once more to make a new planet Vegeta. You'd have to be a second son of Paragus Vegeta blurted out. How Goku asked for Goku wasn't in other world or even in a dimension. Well, Vegeta explained that somehow Brolly's father survived and tried again to make another Vegeta. OOOOOHHHH. Sion wasn't an orphan then. Sion was enraged that he would have a father that would send him away even before getting to know him. My father sounds like a jerk said Sion. Well I've got somethin to be happy about. Getting to S.S.6 at only 21 yrs old... Can any of you get to S.S.6? Goku didn't even say anything he just transformed. Vegeta was really pissed. Ah darn you Goku. Again you surpass me. Not even tell me you could reach that form. that was what Vegeta was thinking. "Ahhhh, GOKU!!!" Vegeta said. How come you didn't tell me you could get to that form. A it er must of er slipped my mind. Yeah right. then out of the sky comes Goten and Trunks. What happened here. We sensed an enormous power beat Buu2. We would have got here its just that well we were a little rusty in the fusion department. Ahh messed up a few times. He he. Me and Goten could go S.s.3 If we fused as S.S.3 we could of had the power to go to S.S.4 and we could have tooken care of Buu2. Really said Goku lets see. Goten and Trunks powered up to S.S.2 then 3 in super fast speed. Then they did the metemorese technique of fusion and S.S.3 Gotenks was born once again 50 x stronger. Wow! said Goku. AHHHHHHHHh!!! holy cow, said Vegeta. Goku knew they wouldn't of beat Buu2 anyway, but let them think that anyway. Only something as strong as S.S. 6 could do it.Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalallallalllallallallalllallallall. Wha Sion. I said Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalallallalllallallallalllallallall. Was that mean said Goku? I don know? Hahaha. That's not funny Sion. Aha ha... ha. Hm. Sorry. Just tryin to livein things up. Well it's lame and it's not working.

Next ep is going to be very exciting because The World Martial Arts Tournament is coming up in the next 2 yrs with new rules. Also we get the inside scoop on the real legendary super saiyan. So don't miss Dragonball T.U.T. Episode:9 The TRUE Legendary Super Saiyan.

Episode 9: The TRUE Legendary Super Saiyan. 1,110 yrs ago... A baby is born with the legendary power of a super saiyan. His father and mother decide his name to be Fusion for they thought their son would grow up to be the protector of their people. Back then Saiyans weren't power hungry and blood thirsty they just liked to fight and train to be strongest. The tale I'm going to tell you explains how saiyans became power hungry and blood thirsty. This all happens because of Fusion's corruption and the war that he insanely starts and the tragic accident that ends it. On a beautiful planet similar to earth 2 loving husband and wife celebrate the birth of their powerful child Fusion. " Honey!" I'll name him Fusion because i t stands for Truth Justice and Honor. I also named him this because i believe one day he will use his amazing power to stand up for justice on planet vegeta.

The End