Class Pet
( Jamie, "Harpizonic", Age 10 )

Angie Monoca walked slowly to her seat. How could Dereck get her in so much trouble just by lying? Dereck sat right beside her in class, and when she got up to sharpen her pencil, Mrs. Lazimote asked her what she was doing up. She told her that she was getting up to sharpen her pencil. But of course, Dereck had to say, "No, Angie told me she was going to try and sneak out of school. Cause you know, we are both very good friends."
"Angie? Is this true?," Mrs. Lazimote had asked, "Were you really going to sneak out? Well, this calls for some detention. I want you to stay after school today for 2 hours, I will give you very hard chores to do in that time."
"But Mrs. Lazimote, I didn't-" Angie became but she knew it was no use. Mrs. Lazimote believed anything Dereck said. Dereck was "teacher's pet."
That afternoon they worked on algebra for a little while in this sixth grade class. For some reason, Mrs. Lazimote kept calling on Angie, and Angie thought she knew why. She decided that when she was alone with her teacher she would tell Mrs. Lazimote about everything bad that has happened while sitting next to Dereck, including at home like when he came over (he lived across the street) and dumped a bucket of Hawaiian punch on her head.
12:30, 1:30, time was going really slow. It seemed that it was taking days, weeks, months, and even years. But finally the last minute came, and went, it was so slow that she could be positive that was really an hour and Mrs. Lazimote's clock was broken.
Everyone left the class in a great big hurry, lucky to be out of school. Angie walked up to the teacher's desk and explained everything to Mrs. Lazimote, who nodded her head.
"I am so sorry Angie, If I can ever make it up to you I will! Hey, I have an idea, why don't you keep Purrryfect?" Mrs. Lazimote asked.
"Wow, really Mrs. Lazimote? You are going to give me our class pet? The cutes kitten in the world?"
"Yup," Mrs. Lazimote said. Angie had always wanted a pet, she had always hoped for a kitten as cute as Purrryfect. And now she gets the kitten himself!

This is a quick story to show that none should be shy. It would not be the end of your life if someone was bugging you and you were afraid to ask and you did. It may be embarrassing, but everyone does it! Nobody is dumb. None is stupid. No one will make fun of you! :-)

The End