Cocohut Cool Aid - Ch. 1
House on 23rd St.

( Lin )

There I stood, people passing by, dogs barking, my parents decorating and redecorating, and then there's me, standing by my window staring and staring even more. What am I staring at? Well, as long as I remember there has been an old, ramshackled house across the street. The house is creepy to me because I always have nightmares about it. There are a couple stories about the house, the 6th and 7th graders story which is mine, and the 8th graders story.

Here is my story:

The house was owned by fifty fairies that sparkled and shined all different colors, just like the house. The fairies loved to have parties. If there was any reason to celebrate these fairies had it! The fairies were the most cheerful things you'd ever see, but most of the people in town were mean. As a matter of fact they all were mean. Anyways, one night the fairies were having a party for a newly wedded fairy couple. They were having a great time.
Some of the neighborhood locals thought it would be funny to trash the party. So they snuck into the house. They crawled under the cake table and cut a hole under the cake. The locals hid under the table until the couple took their first pieces of cake and then one of the locals put his hand through the cake and made it look like there was a hand in the cake, which technically there was. They scared the couple half to death. Then they jumped out from under the table and threw the white cake all over all of the fairies. They spray painted anything they could, including the fairies black, and they left.
The fairies then gave up trying to be nice and started being mean, too. All of the people who had hated the fairies for being so nice were now hating the fairies for being so mean.
The fairies never cleaned the house. They thought that the house would turn black and moldy too, but it didn't. The fairies gave up on the house and moved to the nearby marsh, and the house was left to collapse.

The 8th graders' story:

Sometime back in the 80's there was a house owned by a perfect little couple. The house had a backyard full of carrots, beats, radishes, and corn stalks. The front yard was grassy with one apple tree. The house was perfect for them.
But one day, a day not perfect at all, Lilly, the prettiest, youngest looking 73 year old you'd ever see got very sick and weak. She woke up and looked into the bathroom mirror. She couldn't believe what she was seeing! She didn't have a clear complexion and her bleach blond hair was not a bit blond. Now she had wrinkles like a pug and gray hair. She put on an anti-wrinkle cream and covered her hair with a bandana.
She walked down stairs and started for the tea cupboard. She was about to open the cupboard door when she realized Max was staring at her. She turned around slowly and to her surprise Max was smiling at her. "What are you so happy about, Max?" she asked. "Oh, it's just that you look extra nice today, honey. How 'bout you go pull up some carrots for the stew and I'll make the tea?" Max said. Lilly smiled and went outside. She walked over to the carrot garden and started to pull out a carrot, but she couldn't get it out of the ground! She pulled it and tugged it. Finally she said to herself, "Okay, this is the last tug!" She gave it all she had and pulled the carrot so hard that she went flying with the carrot. She was a yard away from the carrot garden. She lied there for a few minutes and then when she tried to get up, she couldn't. She lied there for quite sometime, but her soul and spirit drifted away as she was motionless. When Max finally came out with the tea tray and tea he immediately saw Lilly. He dropped the tea tray and ran over to Lilly's side. He knew she was gone and never coming back so he walked inside.
He sat by the window for months, without eating or drinking. All he did was stare and cry. He decided that when the apple tree in the front yard died, he would too. Max sat there for many more months, and as the backyard turned to compost, the apple tree still stood until one night when the apple tree was set on fire by the neighborhood bad kids. Max lied his head down and never looked back.

The End