Duff's Cloud
( Danielle )

I used to have a boring day when I was always home alone after school. I thought that I could say something, and it would come true. So I would do it everyday. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn't. Well, one day, I was in my backyard and then I saw a cloud that looked like it said, "MAW". I looked in my abbreviation book, and it stood for, "Make A Wish". Wow, I was surprised. Who would have thought that? I went in my backyard again the next day, and the next, and the next, and the next. And each day, it was there! It was really starting to scare me. So I went out once more (and of course that cloud was there again), so this time I made a wish. I wished for physic powers. Then I tried to move the remote over to me. It had worked!
I went outside the next day (again), but this time I saw a cloud that looked like it said, "YWWG". So once again, I looked in my abbreviation book, and it stood for the words, " Your Wish Was Granted." I was really excited. Wondering what I was going to see the next day, I went outside again. But this time I didn't see anything. Well at least I didn't think that I did. All of a sudden, I saw that same exact cloud moving closer and closer to me. What's going on? I wondered. I started to see a figure suddenly appear. What on earth could it be? I wondered again.
Closer and closer and closer, it got. Then, it hit the ground. BOOM! Oh that had to hurt! But wait a second, it was a cloud. A rather big one, too. "Hello," said a voice. "Who are you?" I asked, suddenly more frightened than before. "My name is Duff," she said. Well she was really cool! I talked to her for a while and then it was time for me to go back home. This is what she looked like; brownish - gold hair, turquoise eyes, white wings with silver linings, and a lavender dress. Boy was she ever pretty. I loved how she says my name. Glossy! Oh she just says it wonderfully. Like this. Gl-l-l-lossy. She just flows when she says it. And I personally think that her name rocks!

A quick story to show that anything you wish CAN happen.

The End