Once there was a Horse Named Apple
( Dragonfire )

Once there was a horse named Apple. Apple was so popular. He always won horse racing and jumping. He was in newspapers and in books.
One day he was jumping for practice and he put to much weight on his legs. When he landed it snapped. That means he had a broken leg. The person who was riding him at that time took him to the vet just for horses. They put a cast on him and said that he could not run or jump for a year. The rider who was the owner gave Apple a lot of respect and gave him extra oats for he could get better.
9 months passed and the owner took him to the vet to make sure it was healing correctly. He said that it was all healed already. Then they took the cast off and Apple started running everywhere and bucking and jumping.
He was acting like he was ready to jump and run in the competition. Apple did and everyone was so happy Apple was back they cheered so loud. As usual he won. Apple never put so much weight on himself ever. He had learned a lesson.

The End