( Dragonfire )

Tammy Orkin pulled on her pajamas and slid into the nice, cool, soft sheets. To bad she has to go to school in the morning. That means she has to get up early. But it is so much fun to sleep in, and, you work plus think better.
"Wake up Honey," Lisa Orkin said. Lisa is Tammy's mom. Tammy rolled in bed. "Oh Mom, do I have to? Can't I just sleep in?" Tammy asked.
Of course Lisa would not let Tammy skip school. She grabbed her by her feet and pulled her off of the high bed. "Ouch!" Tammy yelled. "Well, at least it got you up." Lisa said with her eyes wide open.
At breakfast Tammy almost fell asleep in her cereal. She did end up with a nose full of milk though. Lisa walked over to the calendar. "Oh my gosh!" She yelled. "It is your day off of school!"
"WHAT?" Tammy asked excited. "Yup," Lisa exclaimed, "You don't have to go to school today." Tammy thought about what she would do. Play with her friends, go to a movie? No. Sleep? Yes.
Tammy fell back into those nice, cool, soft sheets once again. How it feels so good to sleep all day. Tammy thought. Boy, was she wrong.
Tammy sat up from the bed and set aside the covers. Right in front of her was a nightmare. A nightmare? Oh... a night mare. Yup. A girl horse that only comes out at night. Right in front of Tammy... at her house.
"MOMMMMMMMMMM!!!" Tammy screamed. No one came. She ran into her parents bedroom. It was empty... so she ran back into her room to hide under her covers. Her bed was gone... everything was exept for the night mare.
It is no use, the night mare said, I am in here because there is a storm outside. I am only alive when it is raining. So hop on my back. We will go get your parents.
"I-I am s-s-scared N-n-nightmare." Tammy said s l o w l y. She felt safe with the horse so she hopped on and they rode... along the darkness and rain. "I am soooooo cold." She said to the horse. Don't worry, Nightmare said. And all of a sudden, there was a blanket on her. It was so heavy she...
All was black. She had fallen off of Nightmare... which she figured was to kill her anyway.
She woke up. She had a nightmare about a horse named Nightmare. Weird. She told her parents about it. They said it was a regular nightmare. Not a problem. They offered to get a horse for her on her birthday 2 months later. She hadn't forgot about the nightmare but, she loved horses. She said "YES!"
When they got to the barn, they brought a black girl horse out. It was supposed to be her horse. They... Said... Her... Name... Is... NIGHTMARE...
Oh... No...

The End