The Other Me
( Cheer Chick )

Hi my name is Sam, short for Samantha. I want to tell you about a girl who sometimes just sometimes looks like me and the even weirder part is her name is Samantha too.
Well you see Samantha, the "other" Samantha, and I used to do everything together. When we were in kindergarten we would run through grams' backyard then just lie down on the grass and watch the clouds go by, but you see that was in kindergarten. Now I am a mature young lady and I don't really need the other Sam anymore or at least I don't think I do.
Well let me tell you about the time in 8th grade when we were all taking this "academic" test that tested your IQ. Sam, the other Sam, nudged me and said, "Sam hey you girl. Sam why don't you come on outside with me. We can run through the schoolyard and then just lie in the grass like we used too... You know you want to Sam. Come on let's go. Come on." and Sam was right. I did want to so I raised my hand and I asked to go to the bathroom when I really didn't have to. We started running hand in hand then we just fell and started laughing and looking at the clouds go by.
But that wasn't the only time Sam the other Sam told me to act like a child. Another time was at my prom. Now see this was supposed to be my big night with the hottest date and the most fun of my life, and it was until she showed up. She tried to ruin it.
I have only told 2 people about Sam and that is my mom and my grandmother. My mom said, "It is just an adolescent thing. You'll grow out of it." My grandmother just took me by the arm and said, "Sam the other Sam that you were talking about is a special girl just like you and you should never let her go. I have had mine since I was a little girl and she is still my best friend."

The End