( Adrian )

Once there was an old farmer who had a horse farm. His favorite horse Betsy was by far the oldest. She was to die any day now. That night the farmer had a dream about Betsy. A voice in his dream told him if he touched betsy after she died he would be killed. So, the next day he sold his horse to a man in the next farm.
A few weeks later he got the news that Betsy had died. The farmer decided to go see her. When he got there the other farmer told him Betsy was in the corner of the barn. There was a blanket over top of her. He folded the blanket over. He (not thinking of the curse) touched her corpse. A poisinous snake slithered out and bit him on the neck. He didn't think of it at first, but a few days later he passed away.
At his burial someone mentioned that Betsy was his favorite horse. So, Betsy's body was buried right next to his!

The End