The Figure
( Polo )

"And that's it for today!" Mrs. Baker yelled across the classroom. "Everyone collect your books and go straight home!"
Fay, Laura and Poppy stood in the corner, clutching their history books close to their chests. Mrs. Baker hadn't seemed to notice them all huddled in the corner. She began collecting her books and lesson plans, when the girls noticed a dark figure looming by the display board. They didn't want Mrs. Baker to know they were there, but they didn't want to witness her death. Poppy was about to speak when Hannah, her older sister walked into the classroom, just about to shout.
"Hannah!" Hissed Laura "SSHH!" Hannah huddled in the corner with them and looked at Fay.
"We have to tell her!" She whispered, keeping her tone of voice down.
"We can't!" Poppy said quietly.
"She could die!" Said Hannah, "We could die!"
Mrs. Baker kept facing the wall and didn't turn around as the figure moved out of the shadow, away from Mrs. Baker, and TOWARDS THE 4 GIRLS!

"HELP!" Hannah hissed. "It's going to get us!"
"I KNOW!" Poppy screamed. "Whoops."
Mrs. Baker turned around and the three girls ran out of the classroom.
"That was stupid." Fay said, "We've left Mrs. Baker in the classroom with that thing!"
"Oh no we haven't!" Laura screeched, and they all turned to see the figure entering the library where they were!

The 4 girls huddled in the corner with their backs all turned. They could hear the creek creek of the floor. Suddenly, Fay felt a hand on her shoulder. They all turned around and there was Mrs. Baker and the figure.
"I hope I didn't scare you" It said nicely.
As they refocused their eyes, they saw, Mrs. Baker and ... Her boyfriend!!!

The End