Where Is She
( Sage,S,S )

There was a girl named Anna and one day she said to her mom "mom my birthday is in two weeks and I want to have a swimming party." Her mother said "ok sweety." On the day before Annas birthday her and her mom went shopping for a new bathing suit. Anna found the perfect one. It had angels on the top and devils on the bottom. Anna loved her new bathing suit and so did her friends. The day of the party came and Anna was so happy but right when all the girls where just getting out of the pool for cake Josie, Annas best friend, screamed "Anna has been under water for 10 minutes! I'm so scared!" Annas dad dove into the pool but could not find her anywhere. Everone was so scared until they heard "what's wrong?" It was Anna. She had just came back from the bathroom. Everyone was so happy and it was Annas best birthday ever.

The End