Little Witches
( Lola )

Attila Moore, Ruby Santini, Kelzi Kapok and Jakki Wrought were all nine years old. They were all ordinary. They did ordinary things said ordinary things and made ordinary things. But each one of them knew deep down they weren't really quite so ordinary. Everyone knew they were a bit weird so everyone ignored them most of the time. But Nadine Blacke always made a show to prove they were weird. They all hated her. But they were white witches so they mustn't curse her. But inside there heart they knew really that they wanted to shut her up for good.

One day Nadine wasn't at school. In fact, she didn't turn up for a week. The girls didn't think much of this, she was probably hanging out with the stars. But when Nadine came back she had horrible, rough lips that had been sewn on. My mouth dissapeared! She said! Suddenly I had no mouth, my perfect mouth was gone! I had a new mouth made. Auhhhh! Her new lips bled. The girls were scared that they had caused this. And everyone knows goods spells unto them given come back ten fold but evil work will hit back at you 20 fold.

5 weeks later the girls had almost forgotten, Nadine was gone and they were normal. But suddenly in class, Attila couldn't breathe. She was having an asthma attack and finally, after 2 minutes she collapsed on the floor. Dead. The others were scared. the next week Ruby was eating her lunch when she choked on a crisp. No matter what she did it stuck in her throat like it was stuck by glue. And her air pipe collapsed and she died 10 minutes later. 10 minutes after that Kelzi Kapok tripped and snapped her neck in half. She died a very painful death. Then, poor Jakki was left. The one who thought of something. She made a spell and Nadine's lips were back to normal, no bleeding or anything. And she lived.

To prove this story, a note from Jakki.

Jakki - It was frightening, how we hated her so much that our powers took over. I don't do magic any more. It's risky buissness, even if you're a white witch. I'm now 14 and Attila, Ruby and Kelzi have been dead all this time. I contacted them before and they reckon that they're in hell for what they did and that I am obviously the real white witch. They're mums and dads were all upset and if they see me they cry. Only Kelzi's parents have had another child since then. Its name is Cenni. It's a boy.

The End