The Bomb
( Aimee G. )

'Eat your lunch, Jenny.' said Jenny's mom. Jenny and her mom were on the Canadian Plane to go to the jungle because Jenny's mom had to study the African Monkeys. They were only going for a week, and plus, it was summer holidays. 'Mom,I think I'm gonna be sick!' Jenny ran to the bathroom.

An hour later they received a call from the pilot's helper saying there was a bomb on the plane and they couldn't land because if they go any lower to the ground, it would automatically explode. Jenny and her mom started crying like everyone else. 'Mom, are we going to die?' cried Jenny. 'Of course not honey, they are trying to remove the bomb.' said Jenny's mom with a very worried look on her face.

I'm going to die! Thought Jenny. She dug her face in her moms arm and started to cry.

An hour later they received another call saying that they had removed the bomb, and they were going to land in 1 hour at the Safari Airport in Africa.

They all cried with joy. Jenny hugged her mom close and said 'Mom, I thought I wouldn't be able to say I loved you before I die. I was scared. Mom, I love you.'

The End