The Train
( Aimee G. )

Tara brushed her long brown silky hair behind her ear as she turned another page of 'Midnight terror.' Tara was an 11 year old popular little girl. She has a 14 year-old brother named Joe and a 3 year-old baby sister named Larcy. Tara had had a twin brother named Blaine, but he had died. He use to love going on the train to get to the beach in the summer.

Tara can remember the day he passed away. Tara was sitting in the tree house in their back yard. They have a pool in the middle of their back yard. Blaine was swimming with a life jacket, because Blaine and Tara were only 3. Their dad was the only one in the yard with them. He said 'Blaine, stay out of the water while I go make some Lemonade, ok?' 'Promise?' their dad assured him. 'Promise!' squeaked Blaine. 'And do not take off your life jacket.' said the dad, and went in the house. Tara decided to help her dad, so she went with him. Outside of the house, Blaine had taken off his life jacket thinking he could put it back on before his dad came back outside with the Lemonade. He started chasing a butterfly around the yard. The butterfly floated across the water, but without knowing it, Blaine followed and was soon in the water drowning. He could not scream, because all he would make out was bubbles. He tried flapping his arms around, but that just sank him. When the dad came back outside, he was at the bottom of the pool, dead.

Tara shook the sadness out of her mind and went to sleep. That was a long time since she had ever thought about the tragedy, and with that, she dozed off.

When she woke up it was 1:00 in the morning. She soon found out what had woken her. She heard a train coming right for her house!! When she looked out the window it was coming 1000 miles an hour straight toward her bedroom window!

'AHHHHHHHHHHHH,' screamed Tara! With that the train stopped dead on his tracks. 'What the heck?' said Tara looking at the train. Then, someone came out of the train! It was her twin! He walked up a little closer. He was 11 now, and he said 'Tara, I know this is hard, but you have to let me go. You are keeping me on the wrong side of the spirits.' 'Let it go and come aboard.' he said, waving his hand for her to come. Tara was paralyzed, but a moment after, as if someone was moving her for her, she opened the screen to her window and climbed through. She started crying and ran to the train, but when she was a meter away from it, Blaine said 'Sorry sis, I have to go, but you have set me free. I love you. Good bye forever.'

The train disappeared. Tara fell to her knees. 'No, don't go. I will never see you again!!!' she cried, but she was only talking to the darkness. She started crying so hard that she stayed up to 2:00 in the morning. She did a good thing. I set my twin free into the spiritual life, she thought.

The End