The Nerd
( Aimee G. )

Once there was a boy named Donny. He had brown hair, was chubby, 11 years old, weighed 112 pounds, had the most horrible clothes, and at school nobody liked him because of his looks.

One day, after he got teased by his whole class, he started walking home. A thought appeared in his mind. What if I can change myself? What if I can be popular?

He raced home and went to the hair dresser's and got a hair-cut like the boys in his class, then died it blond. He went to the mall and bought a cart full of baggy pants and t-shirts like all the other cool boys in his class and raced home. He started exercising. After a month he weighed 80 pounds. He changed his name from Donny to Nick!

He was so cool and popular at school now. He was forgetting who he really was. He was really Donny McCarey, not 'The Popular Guy.'

The moral of this story is to be who you really are.

The End