The Bloody Ghost
( Aimee G. )

There was once a girl named Jen, short for Jenny. She had blond layered hair, 11 years old, 4 feet 4, was popular at school for her looks, and her best friend's name was Laira. Jen and Laira were very snobby and thought they were just perfect.

One day, Jen volunteered to stay 15 minutes after school to clean the chalk-board brushes. So, she went to the chalk-brush cleaner close to the hall way her class is.

As she walked past one hallway, at the corner of her eye she thought she saw a flash of white, but she looked back and saw nothing. I'm probably just dreaming, she thought.

She cleaned all 5 brushes, and made her way to class to get her back pack and leave, but when she was in class, she thought she saw the same white flash at the corner of her eye in the same hallway she passed before. So she decided to go check it out. She went in the hallway, and it looked very empty. She soon was checking every class and locker to find out what the white flash was and where it was coming from.

She soon heard this low moaning sound coming from locker 911. So she tried to open the locker, but it was stuck! She was totally freaked out now! She started walking back to class really scared, but as she turned to go back, the sound of a locker being opened was right behind her. She turned around and was staring and screaming at the most bloodiest, most palest most violent ghost EVER! She started running to her class screaming. When she reached her class, she turned to check if the ghost was still there, and he WAS! She started screaming and was soon cornered in her class with the ghost.

...From this day on, nobody knows where the snobby brat Jen went, but all they know is that the locker 911 is now used by her snobby brat old friend, Laira.

The End