I miss you so much,
My best friend, Dmr,
Email, Neomail,
Do whatever to do, please just contact me!
I miss you, your love is crying hard,
You know what I mean?
I really miss you Nettie!
Call Me!

By: Jamie (Harpizonic) (Age 10)


Deep in my Heart


Deep in my heart I know theres always you.
Right from the start,
I've always knew.
I never let go,
Cause I love you so.
Oh, I want you for the rest of my life!

Walking through time,
I'm looking for an answer.
What have I done?
Cause you have turned my world around,
It seems like we can't go on!

Some people search,
which seems to be a life-time,
to find a love like this,
and here we are,
everything we wished for,
cause you have turned my world around, since you came along.
It seems like we can't go wrong!

By: Jamie (Harpizonic) (Age 10)


I Can't Help But Wonder


As I glance up into the sky, I see a bird fly by.
I can't help but wonder, how do they feel?, is what I ponder.
Do they feel happy or sad, or does it feel good or bad?
A butterfly flutters past my face, and then I set on another case.
I can't help but to wonder again, do butterflies stay in groups or play with a friend?
The strong winds blow my hair, too bad life isn't always fair!
Then I thought of my friend, I guess for us it won't end,
But when she moved away, I never again wanted to stay,
But life has to go on, like in a song.
I can't help but wonder of course, why songs always talk about love?
To many wonders are going through my head, in a way I feel dead, in heaven.
Please send me a sign, a sign of hope.
My friend, I never wanted it to end!

By: Jamie (Harpizonic) (Age 10)


The Shining Sun


I ponder of what I just saw,
So pretty above the treetops.
I look up at it and stare in awe.
Hopefully it stays there forever.
The warmth of it swirls around me.
I try, but I cry, to picture it falling,
Then a baby started Bawling.
I feel as though I can flow,
Down to the river in the rays,
So I decide to go, and look for that fantasy world.
Search, Search, I feel like a clurl from the heat,
Of the Shining Sun.
I find a cave to rest with a small river beside it,
And while inside, I find a kit,
Of lots of shells and diamonds.
Yes, this fantasy world has been found,
Right here on the ground.
I am willing to share the savings with you,
If you give me something in return,
Now it is my turn to have something thankful for,
And that thing... is the shining sun.

By: Jamie (Harpizonic) (Age 10)


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