My Computer Hates Me


I've heard of the fastest computers around,
Equipped with everything one would need to make anything happen.
I'm supposed to have one,
But this thing isn't like anything else.
It's equipped with the newest forms of artificial stupidity,
With the power to hate and the power to love.
I say things about my computer,
That it doesn't like,
So it tells lies and changes the numbers.
It's the weirdest thing I ever seen.
I checked over and over for viruses or a bad disk,
But it said it was all good and I believed it.
I've heard of a slow computer but this is ridiculous,
Making my downloads go backwards and things move the speed of a turtle.
The graphs are wrong, the time is off, and the computer is trying to destroy all I've worked for,
And I sit helpless typing mindlessly as my works demise crawls towards it.
Perhaps I made it mad or perhaps it's just evil,
But you can see in the blink of its little lights,
The evil its hatching, just like my other computer,
Total system shutdown.

By: Deadly_dreamer


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