Never Coming Home


Daddy went away today
He says," Daddy's going to fight for President Bush.
I love you, Good-bye."
And was on his way
Momma says he may not be back soon
Just as soon as they catch Osama
I ask if he'll be back by afternoon
As a saddened look comes over Momma
"No, sweetie, it may be a long time" she says to me
Why is he so evil?
Why didn't just let us be?
He should've known better
It is as if Evil has put a veil over his eyes
And he can no longer see
Momma got a call today
From a man in another country
He told her that Daddy was shot
And is now dead where he lay
Momma was crying when she told me
That Daddy won't be coming home
Now I can no longer see
With all the tears in my eyes
It can't be...
It can't be...
Somehow I had a feeling,
With all the war going on
What a big suprise
Can't eat
Can't sleep
I just hope that someday
Daddy and I will meet
Way up in the sky
He's never coming home now
Thanks, Mr. bin Laden
We will get you somehow
Pray for those whose lives were destroyed by Evil.

By: American~Diva a.k.a. Maggie Adams


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