I Am Me


Hello,I am me.
Who is me do you ask?
Won't you guess?
Won't you care?
About the one inside?
I am me,not that girl,
who points and laughs and stares
at my world.
Oh please,oh please,don't second guess.
I can't always be the best
of the best.
I am me,
not that boy.
Who doesn't like me for who I am,
but sits and thinks
about how he can ruin the chained up person
deep inside.
Oh,the pain,oh the dread,oh the fear.
Will my life always be full of such drear?
Look at me,
who I am,
and give me a chance,
look at me,
who I am,
don't guess from first glance.

By: Lydia A. Age 11


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