Try Harder


One day I came home from school
I had homework, instead I hopped in the pool
I didnt have faith in me
So I cried
The tears disabled me to see
As I think about it, that I lied
I told mom I didnt have any homework
When I did
I said to mom, Im just a kid
Why do we need homework mom?
I dont understand, whats the point of it
She said it helps you learn
It expands your brain
So you wont be insane
It helps alot
Dont let it rot
Mom, I think I will fail
I was so pail
I have been lying to you mom
Im very sorry
Honey dont you worry
I was scared But she said
Go to bed
And we will deal with it in a minute
When we talked, she said all you have to do is try harder
Go a little farther
Take your time and work the problems out
Dont cry, or give a loud shout
Every thing will be okay
Im sure you can bring your grades up by may
So you see, it may be tough
Just fight it and be a little rough
thats what she told me, and now you see
I am a new me!

By Jessica


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