Once upon a time in this whole wide world
There was a God, greatest than all
He is not a man, old or even young
He is much more greater than the God in your thoughts
He created heavens, the Earth, and everything along
And yet he was not tired after all the hard work
For all the things became ready in no time
All he needed to do was ordering them "to become."

He made angels with pairs of wings
Two or three, to help them to be carried
He had angels to work for him
Each had something important to achieve
Angels and all in heavens and things
Praised the God so purely and devotedly
Without feeling tired or to be bored at all
They pray to God and praise him so high

Until one day God used some clay
Made out of clay the man of today
He blew in him from his own spirit
He named him Adam and taught him secret names
God asked Adam to tell angels what he knew
Angels had to bow down after Adam proved
God asked the angels to bow before him
And they all did except the Satan indeed
Some call him Satan and some the devil
His excuse of disobeying was his deep ego
That "you have made me from the red fire,
And made him from the low dusty dirt
Why should the fire bow down before the clay?
Why should I bow before the man made from dirt?"

God told Satan to get out of heavens
But he instead begged for some tolerance
"Give me some time oh God, so I can try
I will bring down the man and his children from now
I will make them follow me, instead of you
I will make them my partners in evil too
I won't be burning alone in the fires
I'll prove it to you lord, you will know"
God agreed and gave him the time
He explained one true fact clearly though
"The only one who will not follow you
Is one who is true in his beliefs and pure."

God told Adam and Eve to live in heaven
The green gardens with rivers flowing in it
"You can eat what you like
Except that certain fruit
Stay away from it and be true to your lord."
Adam and eve were so happy in heaven
Until the wicked devil came to deal with them
He told them lies and made them believe
They became angels if they could only eat
Satan tempted those two and the next thing you knew
Adam and Eve had tried the forbidden fruit

God was angry yet he knew all along
It was part of their test, which they failed in it so
He sent them to Earth they had lost the heaven
But God is the most forgiving if you admit to it
Adam and Eve prayed to God and begged him so
God forgave them after a while
Even made them a deal so they'd know
Man came from heaven he should go back to it
But only if he follows God's true way

People come and people go as the time goes by
Some follow God's plan and some dare to try
God had chosen many prophets to come among us
Reminding the truth and the God's plans once more
This world is not worth living, plan for your other world
Send on good deeds to carry you to heaven, back home
From Adam and Noah, to Abraham and job
To Moses, and Jesus and Jacob and his son
They all came to bring "same message" to all
You should pay attention not like silly thoughts
Their message was for all, small, young and old
"There is only one God so worship him alone."
Do not worship a man, a tree, or the sun
Those are God's creations, not the God of us all
Don't believe all that you hear about God and his plan
His plan is one "to believe in him alone."
Worship the God by doing good deeds for all
Feed the hungry, give charity, and shelter one
Be honest and be nice to everyone around
Don't forget to pray and talk to almighty God
Remember he is too kind and very close to you
He hears every word you think or whisper too
Do not listen to Satan, he gets powerful too
He makes the bad looks good, in your eyes and your soul
Worship the God, the creator of all
He who created us from one single one

By: Marry


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