my wish - PART 2


im slowly dieing, upon the shore now,
everything's alright,
i hoped that u and him, will slowly be, out of sight.
i can't imagine what went wrong,
my pain, my agony, my fear,
it hurts soo bad, and it will end-RIGHT here.
i grab the bag, hold it tight, along w/ mister wubbles,
he makes me feel so warm inside, along w/ mister cuddles.
the only thing that holds me back, are the feelings inside,
that tells me, somehow i have started 2 LIE,
4 richard, i no i hurt u bad,
and i wish i could take it back,
but, it's TOO late 4 me, and u,
4 nothing can me back.
my lies, and deciet,
and lauren is not 2 blame,
4 she was only mad because she said he was HER flame.
lord i pray, u take me home,
my breath is getting shorter,
oh jess, plz dont walk away,
and leave me by this corner.

By Amber


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