my wish


my wish as a person,is 2 never see,
another moment that is full of glee,
u see,people pull it outta me.
its hard 2 breathe,its hard 2 take time,
when the living part is done,
and the only thing left is 2 die.
i wish i wish i wish that things were different,
no one could ever see my pain,it is everlasting,
and i hope u have that pain, 2.
so u and i can be forever less in glee.
i love happieness,just not the word,
who had ever thought of a sore thern,
i never hoped 2 end this way,
i'll look into another day,
and make sure the sky is clear,
cause i really need 2 get outta here.
another day,another time,
i'll do the ryme,u beat the time,
i wana be,just u and me,
but that's the way life used 2 be.

by amber -WRITTEN 4 JESSICA-


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