Am I Lucky?


Early Morning
I wake up
You knock knock on the door
I put on make up
Then go to the store

Am I lucky?
Am I A star
Then why do I cry cry cry in the lonely heart thinking
If theres nothing missing in my life
then why do these tears come at night?
Why because we got into a fight?

Here I sit
Having a fit
Lost in an image
In a dream
but theres no one here for me to wake up
and the world is spinning and I keep on winning

Am I lucky?
Am I a Star
Watch the sky from so far
Watch the little yellow duckys
Swimming in the pond
So will I get an answer and you respond?

Im so lucky but I cry cry cried in my heart
why are we apart?
But this had to happen
even though I feel lucky
to be free
As I watch thee
flag wave in the usa
Its only the month of may
So I must say bye bye
Sweet kisses
baby girl aww aww
dont you see saw saw

By Jessie based on Britney Spears song


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