Why does this sad empty
feeling occur inside?


Why does this unusual feeling occur?
When I look out my eyes, I see a blur
This blur is from a tear outta my eye
when this feeling touches my heart, i start to cry.

I just dont get it with this feeling
but inside it feels like my heart is rotten and is peeling
I wish it would go away very soon
As I watch upon the moon.

But one day I take a step forward a little too far
I seen my grandmother at the bar
I freaked out
And I had to shout
My blood pressure went up really high
I had a touch in my thigh
As I began to start and cry
This feeling got worst I wanted to die
This was the end And I knew it was the last
I fell to the floor and went into the past
I knew I was about to die
As this feeling occurs inside
I wish I wasnt so lonely like I was
But that was how it is and does
I ended up in the hospital bed
Laying there crying then was dead

So please dont let a sad feeling stay in your heart.
Your heart is way too valuble for it.

June 23, 2000 by jessie


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