I dont understand


did you no i just dont understand
how i became in this world
and on the land
now that i realize it i think i did some awful things in the past
i may have lied
but also cried
i wish people would treat me like a human bean
i wish they didnt no the bad side of me
i no i have been mean
i wish this wouldnt haunt me any more
i might just die in the earths core
i dont understand it with the grils
i give them sweet shiny pearls
they dont appreciate it with what i do
what can i say?be a cow and moo?
i dont think so, but thats ok
if people want to treat me like that, then im gonna drown
in the bay
or smuther myself in hay
these arent my true feelings
that i have felt
but inside from what people say
makes my heart melt
im not bad anymore at all you see
im just a new me



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