You are not alone


Late at night I stepped out
To overcome a moment of doubt

Under the deep blue sky
I noticed the sparkling lights

Starring at the stars for sometime
Always brought the peace of mind

The idea of me being so lonely
Suddenly didn't sound right to me

Where I live among so many
I end up finding hardly any

Who share my beliefs and think like me
Who bear my faults and see me as "me"

Looking up at sky so bright
Helped me to overcome the thought

Thought of being all by me
Wasn't true even it seemed to be

That who ever created such things
Along the blue quilt so deep

He who created such wonders
Wouldn't leave me "alone" to wonder!

So next time you feel all alone
Finding having doubtful thoughts

Step aside for just a moment
And look outside with eyes of wonder

You come to notice that he who created
He created things with such wonders

Created stars to be the reminders
He will not leave you "alone" to wonder!

By Marry


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