The Slim Shady


The real slim shady has come back
all of his cd's are in a sack
He says all of the other slim shadys are imitating
so the judges are rating
the real slim shady
The real slim shady works at burger king
And sometimes eats the onion rings
he says his bum is on our lips
and that we have big hips
he doesnt care about a grammy
but what if he wins?
wouldnt it be wierd?
he said why so he can sit next to britney spears?
No christina aguilera better switch him chairs
so he can sit next to carson daly and fred durst
then he eats every single starburst
So will the real slim shady please stand up?
and put each hand up
I think there might be a slmi shady in all of us u think?

Based on the song "the real slim shady"

edited into a poem by jessica on june 15,2000


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