A Touching Poem


Here I sit with a pitiful frown,
then I realize I can't let life bring me down.
I must think positive, and must be strong.
For every night there is a wrong.
I'm only human and we all make mistakes.
I'll get back on my feet and I'll do what it takes
to prove the world a point.
It surely takes a lot, but I'll do what I have to do
whether they believe me or not.
I'll do what I feel is right,
and make them see
that it's best to make my own decisions
as long as it pleases me.
I feel free,
its about time!
Now I know to always keep a clear mind.
Life is a reward to every heart.
That's the reason I should make a new start.
What would this world be like today,
if smiles weren't made
and frowns were here to stay?

By Paula

In loving memory of Paula who passed away at the age 16.


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