The Bully


Billy Bob is big.
Billy bob is bad.
Billy Bob is mean.
Billy Bob is mad.
Little Jimmy’s small.
Little Jimmy’s weak.
Little Jimmy’s shy.
Little Jimmy’s meek.
They had a fight.
They had a brawl.
Little Jimmy lost.
Billy Bob won all!
Little Jimmy’s smart.
Little Jimmy’s quick.
Little Jimmy rented,
A Jackie Chan flick.
Little Jimmy watched.
Little Jimmy learned.
Slowly, but surely,
The tables turned.
Little Jimmy grew strong.
Little Jimmy was ready.
When Billy Bob came,
His hands would be steady.
But, Billy Bob showed up,
Wearing shoes, shirt, and tie.
His head hung low.
He said, "Sorry, little guy."
Little Jimmy had grown strong.
But, Billy Bob made amends.
Billy Bob and Little Jimmy,
Are now the best of friends!

By: Rosanne (Age ?)


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