Too Late


Questions without answers,
Life is full of blurs.
Why jump? I'll just fall.
Cause there's no one to catch me at all.
I'll write an epitaph for me,
Of all the things you couldn't see.
I tried to explain,
But you'd listen in vain.
You payed no attention,
To my building tension.
I'll make certain you never forget.
You'll live your life in guilt and regret,
When on a grave you see my name.
Who is there but you to blame?
If only I had you to call,
Maybe that would prevent it all.
I reached out, you weren't there.
I began to feel like you didn't care.
When you said you loved me you must have lied,
Because if you did, I might not have died.

By: Plutop (Age 13)


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