Home Isn't Where My Heart Is


Wandering aimlessly through the crowd
I keep on walking and try to get out.
Feeling surrounded and very unsafe
I continue my walk at a quicker pace.
Not quite sure where I'm headed today,
But I'll make it somewhere either way.
I can't stand to be lost in this horrible place.
Maybe coming here was a big mistake.
I don't feel like anyone cares about me,
And I don't know who I'm trying to be.
When I'm here I just don't understand.
I have no direction. I have no plan.
My mom comes in and tells me to unpack.
Tears fill my eyes, because I want to go back,
But I grab my bag anyways and muffle my voice.
Then I say to myself, "I have no choice."

By: Danielle (Age 13)


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