True Love


Here is something
I want you all to know
Think and see why
Guys do lie to us why?
It's so common you can actually see
The mind of the next guy who comes on too sweet
Sure he sounds so deecent
It makes you believe
That this one would be
Different and even sincere
He tells you things
That you always have dreamed
That you are so sweet, innocent and so unique!
There are no other girls in this world
He makes you believe
You are the greatest that has happened to this world

After a while you actually believe
All the nice things that he has been telling
You start to think of him as your "true love"
Or even he is may be your "destiny"
But don't worry cause very shortly
Comes a list of excuses from him
I have homework to do
I'll be out of town
My mother made be clean the attic
My father made me sad
But I'll promise you now, my sweet
I'll make it up to you soon some how
And then there is nothing else to do for you
But to wait and pray
That he'll be back to you soon

Days come and days go by even months
Until you admit that he's just been a fake!
No need to explain
No need to bother more
He has a "you-free" life that he seems to enjoy more
So here is something
I want you all to know
There is no such a thing as a "true-pure love"
Next time a boy comes to you pretending to love
Tell him to go and come back in a while
True love lasts a life time
not a week or a month
With you on his side
or maybe even without

By Marry


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