I Wish Someday...


I wish someday everyone who's life is gone could just come again.
My grandpa could come back home.
Come back here.
Then he could hold me like he used to,
But sometimes my dreams just disappear.
But he was so special,
No other like him.
I just wish somehow I could write to him.
All my family sat in sorrow,
But then he talked to us and said it will be a better day tomorrow.
As I sit here writing this,
Tears are coming.
I feel like their is a hole in my chest.
He was so special to all of my family.
Taught me how to fish.
Taught me about bugs.
Sometimes the littlest things remind me of him,
Even his old worn out rug.
I can still hear his laugh.
Old jolly old man.
Not to long before he died I was to scared to even hold his hand.
But then I remember all the good times,
Teaching me how to whistle,
Even teaching me what to do with a watermelon rein.
There is no other man like my Uput.

By: Anonymous (Age ?)


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