Caught in a Problem


Here I am all alone
In another problem I am caught
This time no hand to hold
It can't be solved is what I thought
And I was right
But I didn't want to be
I cry every night
Feeling so lonely
My problem is I moved away
I had to leave all my friends
I was left to wonder that day
If this was going to be the end
Maybe it was for all I knew
I felt I couldn't fit in
I always feel so blue
Like losing and knowing you can't win
I am trying
But it isn't getting better
I find myself crying
Maybe forever
You can't tell me things will be okay
I won't believe you
You couldn't believe how I felt that day
There was nothing I could do
I have lost all hope I used to have
I feel so small I could live in a cup
No one not even my mom and dad
Can keep me from giving up
That is what I will do now
Away I feel I must run
Don't ask me why or how
It will be done

By: Anonymous (Age ?)


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