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By: Nina

Hi, my name is Nina. I'm 14 and I'll tell you about my country: Vietnam. Vietnam is a small country in Asia. It is special. My country is shaped like the letter S.
I live in Ho Chi Minh city (South Vietnam) - the biggest city in Viet Nam. The weather here includes 2 seasons: the rainy season (from Jun to Nov), and the dry season (from Dec to May). If you come here, you must go to Ben Thanh Market. It's a famous market in Ho Chi Minh city. Or you can go to Nha Rong Harbor. It's a place where our president Ho Chi Minh left Vietnam to find the way to save our country. You can walk along SaiGon River's edge and other interesting places that I cannot tell here. In the south of Vietnam, people like to eat sugary food, but not too much. Our special foods in the south are Canh Chua, Ca Kho, Canh Cua Rau Day (A soup made from a kind of vegetable with crab). There are many more other delicious foods.
Do you know our capital? Our capital is Ha Noi (North Vietnam). The weather there is very cold in spring and winter, but it doesn't snow. People there like salty food. Ha Noi's special food is Pho (everyone likes it). You'll see many beautiful places there. Examples are Ha Long Bay (recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site), The Temple of Literature, Ngo Mon Gate, and Sword Lake. Besides those places, you can also go to Da Lat (known as the city of Eternal Spring). There are many kinds of flowers and beautiful views like Camli Fall and Love Valley in Da Lat, and the weather is always cool. Oh! You can see the rice - cooking festival too. It's an interesting festival. If you want to climb a mountain, you can go to Sapa. It's a Mountainous Resort.
If you want to know more than this, please contact me by my email: or
Belief and veraciousness will keep our love in happiness forever!