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By: Michelle and others

Before I start about my country I will tell a little about my self. My Name is Michelle A., and I am going into 5th grade. I am 10. I am a girl, and I live in Iowa. I have no siblings a mom and a dad. I have a fish, a hamster, and a cat.
In this country it depends on were you live what you do. For example, I live in Iowa, and most people here like meat because we farm a lot of animals. In Georgia most people like peaches more than other things because they grow peaches in Georgia. It also depends were you live what climate it is. Here in Iowa we have all four seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winter) and it gets really cold in winter, but down in Texas and Florida they only have 2 seasons summer and a VERY warm winter. Here in Iowa our winters are around 20 degrees fahrenheit, but down south their winter is around 70 degrees fahrenheit! That is like our spring and early summer!
Here in America we eat stuff like McDonalds. (I know most countries have McDonalds but it started here). We also like pizza and most other fast food restaurants (Pizza Hut, Godfather's Pizza, Hardee's, Dairy Queen (mostly ice cream), and Wendy's). We drink mostly pop unless parents say that we have had too much!
There is really only a few types of music that kids listen to, either country, rock, hip-hop, or rap. I like hip-hop, which is like Britney Spears (a famous singer). I don't know any other people from the other groups. Sorry. :(
This country started when Christopher Columbus wanted to show people that the world was round not flat. He went around the world, but while he was sailing he ran into America. Eventually he got people over here. (I would tell you about this but I don't want to bore you). ;) The people started to find Indians (Native Americans). The people were mean and took the Indian's land for their own, but some Indians were nice to Whites. They taught them to grow food and more important things. One day they had a big feast and that is when Thanksgiving was created. Other holidays are Christmas where we celebrate Jesus being born. There is also 4th of July when we celebrate when we got Independence from England.
Most people speak English here, but also people speak a lot of Spanish. You mostly find those people down by Mexico.
The most popular Sports here are baseball, softball, basketball, football, and hockey. I assume that most of you know these sports.

Hi, my name is Alisha. I am 12 years old. I live in Mississippi. Our country is a symbol of freedom. In this country you can walk down the street with whoever you want. You can pick your own religion. You can dress the way you want. I have never thought about how lucky Americans are but when you compare the U.S. with other countries we are so fortunate. In some countries you can't go to school. People talk about how they wish they didn't have to go to school, and how lucky other countries are but really we are the lucky ones. We don't have to worry about if today we are going to die. We have the right to vote on who we want as president. In other countries if you don't look the right way you are sentenced to death. No one should have the right to say you can't go to school. It is your body and your own mind. You should be able to worship who you want and believe in who you want. This country is so lucky we have freedom. I can walk down the street with an African American or a Caucasian person and not worry what's going to happen. So many people have fought to make this country free. Now that it is people don't appreciate it. So to all people in America think about all the other people out there.

Hi my name is Heather and I am 6 years old. I am in the 1st grade. I live in Wisconsin. I have two brothers and a mom and dad. My pets are a cat, three horses, and three dogs. My country is based on our freedom and on God. My country has gotten away from God, but we still believe in our freedom. We have places we can go to like Wisconsin Dells to have fun. We have Walt Disney World there too. A lot of people think Americans are rich but we are not. We have the same bills as everyone else. God has blessed Americans with this land and all that we have. Our parents have been working hard for us to get what we have. We here have the army, naval, and air forces they just want to keep us safe.

Hello friends. My name is Hadley, I'm 13 and yes, I live in The United States of America! America, like many other countries, is free and beautiful. Everyone says that their county is the best, and there is no arguing. I do not think America is the best country, but it is stated so by others. It is a wonderful place to live, and you can be assured that if your family does decide to move here, you will be free and very happy!
The United States is similar to Canada and The UK, but it is also uniquely different. Unfortunately, we do have MANY fast-food restaurant, and that I am not proud of. We are also the fattest country in the WORLD! I said it folks, FAT! I believe people should make their own food, or just go on a old fashion diet. Hahaha! No, I do not mean to criticize the country that shelters me, and gives me much glory. Adults work very hard here, and many do not have time to cook. We all try to help each other out the best possible way we can. We are though, one of the richest countries out there. Here, you do not see children or anybody out in the streets. You might see some homeless people in a city yes, but most of us have homes and a decent job.
The government, ahh... Well, in my opinion, the government is wonderful. We are a republic and a democratic country. The president in term at this time is President George W. Bush. Many people here aren't very fond of him, primarily because of September 11. That is when our very own Twin Towers, once set in New York City, were destroyed by terrorists along with many innocent people. We have four branches of government, and they all mainly exist to make sure we do not become a dictatorship.
Schools in America are very wonderful, and they offer incredible education. At about four or five we go to kindergarten. Than we go to first grade, leading up to fifth grade where we then go to middle school. After that, we enter the dramatic life of high school, until 12th grade. Usually after those 18 years you move on to a college.
Well, there is so much to be said about our wonderful country, but I must leave you now. I hope that those who live somewhere far off learned a little about us. Goodbye for now. I wish you well!

Hi! I'm Moriah. I am 9 Years old. I live in Naples, Florida, and I'm in the 4th grade. I am now home schooling. In our county, we vote for our leaders. I never want to be famous. I think it would be hard.
Our holidays are: Christmas, Easter, New Year, Thanksgiving, and The 4th of July. Those are all major holidays. Christmas is when we celebrate the day that Jesus, Christ the Lord, was born. You can read it in the bible, Matthew 1: 18-25. This takes place on December 25. Easter is when we celebrate how Jesus rose from the dead. The date depends on what kind of year it is. You can read that in Luke 23 - 24:1-49. The New Year is when we celebrate the new year. Thanksgiving is when the pilgrims, (first people settling in America), had a big celebration with the Indians by giving thanks and feasting. Ever since then we have been celebrating it too. The 4th of July is when we got our independence from England, on the 4th of July 1776. There is so much more I would like to tell you, but I've got to go.

Hi I'm William Davis from Hampton, Virginia, United States. I'm 12 and America is cool. It's not the best country in the world, but it has many sites to see. You have the beautiful mountains like the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains. I live near the Appalachian Mountains, which are some of the oldest mountains in the world. Unlike other mountains these aren't pointy at the top. The city I live in is the oldest continually English speaking settlement in North America. You might think Jamestown is, but it never survived as a city, but mine did. America was fought by many countries to be claimed as their own, but the major ones were Spain, France, and Britain. The British claimed the east coast, French the middle and west coast, and Spanish the southern United States. Many wars were fought like the French and Indian war, which was the French and American Indians against the British. The British won. Then the American Revolution was the British colonists against the British King. The colonists won and gained their independence from Great Britain and the French helped secure the win at the last battle at Yorktown, Virginia. The British fought back again in the War of 1812. The Americans won gaining international respect. We gained the Great Plains or middle of America by the French. They gave it to us for over a million dollars, which is like almost a billion in todays money. We had conflicts with the Spanish and gained all of southern America. The civil war later broke out with southern America against northern America. The president at the time was Abraham Lincoln. He turned the issue of the war into freeing the slaves of the south. It was a hard fought war and northern America won freeing the slaves, which helped build America from the get-go. We later got involved in World War I and World War II. All of the wars from that point on we got involved in. America is not the best liked place to other countries, because every time someone said that, we blew them up and they became our allies.
Well that's the history, now about how our culture is. The most famous sports are baseball, basketball, soccer, and football. Football in other countries is soccer here. We love music and have the same kind of music any other country has to offer. America is not really a safe place to live in though. Gangs are everywhere. America has the most school dropouts than anywhere else in the world. I don't really like big cities, but if you do then you can live in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Richmond, Miami, and etc. We have many beaches and country areas too.

Hello my name is Lindsey. I live in the USA. The USA is a great country. My favorite food is pizza. My favorite drink is milk, because it is good for you. My favorite TV show is Jrake and Josh. I go to HVCA. This is a private school.

Hello my name is Emmanuel. I live in the USA. The USA is a good country. The US fought the Revolutionary War for independence from England. After that the 13 colonies became 13 states. There are 50 states right now.

Hello my name is Nathanael. I live in NY. My favorite food is pizza. I like TV. I am 7 years old. I like to play baseball. It is fun. I like to read books too. My favorite drink is lemonade and iced tea. When our country was first started there were slaves, but not anymore. I love God and all of the states that God made. My school is Hudson Valley Christian Academy.

My name is Chelsea. I live in America. Here we have fifty states. I live in the forty-eighth state, Arizona in Yuma. Arizona is bordering New Mexico, California, Nevada, Colorado, and Utah. I have one brother, one sister and of course a mom (mum, England) and a dad.
In Yuma we have a lot of junk food places like Wendys, Burger King, McDonald's and a lot of others. I know England has some of those because I have been there once.
The president here is Bush. He is doing a good job I think, but I don't read the newspaper or watch the news.
In Yuma the climate is really, I repeat, really hot and humid. In the summer it can get up to about 125 degrees. Winter is a little hot and a little cold. Spring is mostly hot. Fall is a bit cold.


Capital:   Phoenix
Bird:   Cactus Wren
Flower:   Saguaro Blossom
Fish:   Arizona Trout
Song:   "Arizona"
Tree:   Palo Verde
Nickname:   Baby State, Copper State

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